Association of Architectural Educators AAE conference 2013: (un)common
Call for Papers

The inaugural AAE conference interrogates the status of architectural studio
and its scope of enquiry pedagogically, professionally and culturally. It
looks to illuminate the How, What and Why of studio teaching, and its
application and impact on architectural design research and practice.

Design Studio, with its central role to architectural education, looks to
mimic the role of design within the architectural production process. It is
often described as the place where skills and understanding are synthesised
in ac creative process, where dots are joined, connections made and where
architecture finds its voice within culture and society. However, this
somewhat romantic view is challenged in two ways: for one, a gradual shift
in the roles and responsibilities of architects in the process of building
production, and with it a shift in the architects status within society;
and, the less gradual but catastrophic post-Lehman collapse of value systems
all around us, and subsequent attacks on the perception of worth and value
assigned to the arts, culture, and generally speaking all symbolic capital
around us.In response to this, we call for papers addressing questions of
CURRENCY, in both applications of the word.
WHAT is, and how does one determine, the value of design, in society in
general, and within architectural teaching in particular; and if design and
design quality are architects’ primary medium of exchange, and again, by
extension, if the quality of design studio output determines the value of
architectural education
Is it current, valid and prevalent as a model for the creative process
within architectural practice?
Papers will address questions of value, relevance and legitimacy, and will
loosely fit within the following categories:

HOW: Studio Method, Design Research,Design Representation,Studio
Culture,Design tools,Technique Collaboration

WHAT: Studio Content, Site,Programme, Integrating technology, Integrating
humanities, Environment, Live projects
WHY:Studio Context, Studio in Practice, Fees, Demographics

Abstract details:
To be no more than 300 words and sent directly to headed
with: the conference title “AAE Abstract”
Details to include: Applicants name, professional affiliation (graduate
students in brackets) and the title of paper or position.
Submit with the abstract a short resume, home and work addresses, email
addresses, telephone and fax numbers
Proposals must be present original research and must not have been
previously published and all proposals will be subject to peer review and
will be assessed for contribution and relevance to the conference themes, by
an international conference committee. Abstracts will be submitted in
Only one submission per author will be accepted, including co-authored
papers. In cases of co-authored papers, each author is expected to register
and a lead author/correspondent should be identified. Each speaker will fund
his or her own registration, travel and expenses to the hosting venue,
Nottingham Trent University, UK. Conference registration will be £185 per

Are to be 20 minutes in length. A template will be provided for abstract
proposals to be submitted by December 20th 2012.
Full papers (max. 3000 words) are expected to be submitted by early March
2013 (date to be confirmed in due course) for publication in the proceedings.
Accepted papers will be notified January 2013. Authors are expected to
provide copyright clearance for their material. Publication in the
proceedings is strictly for record and exchange between delegates. A
selection of material may be published in the AAE journal. Further
information will be provided at a later date.

Key Notes:
Professor Thomas Dutton
Sir Peter Cook
Reinier de Graaf (OMA)

For further details please see:
For any urgent queries please contact: Victoria Farrow, Nottingham Trent