17th Conference of CAADFutures: Future Trajectories of Computations in Design
The 17th Conference of CAADFutures (Computer Aided Architectural Design Futures) will be held in Istanbul in 2017 with the theme Future Trajectories of Computations in Design.
The conception of design today becomes more open, communicative and relational. Designers facing this new paradigm are ever active as they focus on the increasing complexity of planning processes, on innovation of new techniques and materials, and on producing multiple levels of abstraction and decomposition rather than on the basic application of a framed profession that is learned. For the designer in the multidisciplinary world of the 21st century, computation provides a powerful medium for the extension of understanding other disciplines.

In accordance with this global change in the field of design, the 17th CAADFutures seeks to establish a foundation for multidisciplinary thinking. The theme calls for relevant ideas from the domains of mathematics, computer science, biology, philosophy, etc. and introduces varying reflections and speculations on the future trajectories of computation in design as well as on the education of designers. In the continued progression of new ways of thinking, establishing such a discourse for the future of computation in design aims not only gathering latest research, design practice and pedagogical results but also to reveal the possible phenomena, factors and forces that will influence these trajectories in design with an exploratory perspective.
First Call 26th May 2016
Submission of extended abstracts 26th September 2016
Notification of papers acceptance 31st October 2016
Submission of revised papers 6th February 2017
Submission of poster [1000 words] 6th February 2017
Workshops dates 10 – 11 July 2017
Conference dates 12 – 14 July 2017
Research papers and exhibition submissions are invited across a range of topics that generally include CAAD curriculum, Design theories in digital age, Urban design, Design cognition, Shape and Form studies, Algorithmic and parametric design, Data analytics, Performance-based design, Modeling and Simulation, Building information modeling, Digital design tools and devices, Human-Computer interaction, Collaborative Design, Fabrication technologies, Augmented and virtual reality, Digital design education. Researchers from the fields of architecture, design, urban design, computer science, engineering, and other disciplines who follow these issues are invited, with special encouragement to doctoral students, to submit research papers and critical essays, and to attend the conference in order to widen our discussion about the future trajectories of computation in design.
The paper selection process is multi-staged. The initial stage of submitting an extended abstract is required. The acceptance of an abstract does not guarantee the acceptance of the final paper. Accepted abstracts will receive feedback from our scientific committee and the notification of their likely acceptance as either short or long papers. Abstracts are due by September 26, 2016 and will be done exclusively through the Submission System announced on the conference website.
We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul!