eCAADe: Proposals for the organization of the midyear workshop in 2013
Deadline is May 1st 2012

The eCAADe organizes a conference every year in September. This conference is a huge success and the most visible face of the eCAADe organization. The preparation for the conference usually starts at least two years in advance when the city hosting the
conference is chosen. In choosing a location, the eCAADe Council takes into account the soundness of the proposal, the existence of a stable CAD teaching and research community, but also the attractiveness of the city.

And we also try to move around different regions in Europe. To meet this goal we are now committed to taking the conference to regions where it has never been before: the Baltic countries, Western Scandinavia, South-eastern Europe, but also different regions of countries that organized the eCAADe conference in the past. To help spread eCAADe?s goal of fostering high quality teaching and research in these regions, we announced at the AGM meeting in Ljubljana, the intention to help organizing a ?midyear? workshop, which should be held sometime in between December and May. This workshop should help the eCAADe organization to get acquainted with people and schools who might be willing to organize the eCAADe conference in the future.

As such, we are now issuing a call to the submission of proposals for the organization of the midyear workshop in 2013.

The workshop should take one or two days and it may include lectures and hands-on sessions on any of the topics that currently relevant to CAAD teaching and research. eCAADe will contribute to this effort by helping to establish the programme and give financial support to the participation of one speaker from the established eCAADe universe, or to securing other workshop requirement. This financial support can go up to a total of ?2,500.00.

The proposal should include:
. the name of the school where the workshop will take place;
. the name of the group of people organizing the workshop;
. the tentative programme for the workshop;
. the budget, including the amount required from eCAADe and the purpose.

The proposal should be sent by e-mail to: a/c Nele De Meyere (
The deadline for submitting the proposal is May 1st 2012.

The decision of the eCAADe Council regarding which proposal to support will be announced at the AGM meeting at the end of the eCAADe 2012 conference in Prague.