CFP – Case Studies and Methodologies
Workshop, Invited Session(s), and Conversational Session: Call for Participation

Extended abstracts (600-1200 words) can be sent to before or by April 25th, 2012. Full draft papers and extended abstract (as well as invited session organization proposals) can also be submitted via web page as described in

Non exclusionary topics

.   Case Methods and Methodologies
.   Case Studies and Integration of Academic Activities
.   Case Studies Research
.   Case Studies in Education
.   Case Studies in STEM Education
.   Consulting Case Studies
.   Business Case Studies
.   Case Studies in Management
.   Information Systems Case Studies
.   Software Engineering Case Studies
.   Engineering Case Studies
.   Medical and Health Care Case Studies
.   Case Studies in Science
.   Ethical Case Studies


CASE STUDIES AND METHODOLOGIES AND INTEGRATION OF ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES: This workshop will introduce participants to Case Studies and Method by showing the possibilities they generate for the Integration of Academic Activities.

A mix of presentation, exercises and discussion, the topics to be covered will include:

.   What is the case method?
.   Different types of case study and how they are used
.   Steps in developing authentic case studies: from recruiting sites to publication
.   Facilitating case discussions in the classroom
.   Measuring case method learning outcomes
.   Publishing case studies
.   Opportunities for funding case method projects
.   Broader impacts of case method on the individual and institution

If you submit your extended abstract with a short CV of yours, you might be selected as a keynote speaker of your breakout session, in which case you would have more time to present your article, and/or be selected as an invited speaker, in which case 1) your presentation and paper will be differentiated as a invited one, and 2) you might be invited to present an additional paper with no additional charge.

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