Aug. 29th through Nov. 25th, 2012

The next International Architecture Exhibition from the Venice Biennale will run Aug. 29th through Nov. 25th, 2012
(Exhibition set-up start Aug. 1, preview for the press and professionals on Aug. 27-28).
The exhibition will be directed by the British architect David Chipperfield.
We, the Global Art Affairs Foundation, are organizing a large architecture exhibition for the next Venice Architecture Biennale at Palazzo Bembo. Our exhibition will be by far the largest of approximately 20 collateral events which are all official part of the Venice Biennale.
In our exhibition we will present a wide variety of projects, thoughts and ideas.
As advisor, who to approach and to invite for our exhibition, we asked Ivica Mladenovic, the organizer of 10 Belgrade Triennials for World Architecture.
Our Palazzo is on the Grand Canal next to the Rialto Bridge in Venice and has 1100 m2 exhibition space, which is divided into smaller units of various sizes, from 15 to 80 m2.  We like to show current developments, thoughts and ideas in architecture and therefore we bring together an international group of architects with different cultural backgrounds and who are in different stages of their career, established architects next to architects whose projects might be less known.
Regarding the Venice Architecture Biennale Exhibition Concept, “Common Ground”, Director David Chipperfield states:
“… we wish to demonstrate the existence of a rich culture of architectural practice and research, stimulated by the work of other disciplines but defined by shared enthusiasms and concerns, at a time when the singular works of architects are celebrated but the role of the profession and our place within society is continuously challenged.”
We want to present an extraordinary combination of projects, thoughts or ideas showing a wide range of individual approaches, that make a sincere strong statement within each given space and at the same time help to create a complex exhibition as a total. Each room should provide the spectator with an inside about each presented project, thought or idea from the architects point of view.
Around 10 March we would like to have from all participants an indication in which direction they would like their presentation to go. We preferably would like to dedicate 15 rooms on the second floor, each to one architect, architect firm or project,
the additional spaces will be used to present a combination of presentations, and in the second week of March we would like
to have the list of names of all participants to present to David Chipperfield. Everybody has then to decide all specifics, until you have to start sending material to Venice. In the last week of July we can begin with set-up.
Our exhibition is a Non-Profit event, but although we would very much appreciate your participation, we cannot cover all costs involved by ourselves. In order to create a fair cost shearing system, we decided to ask for an amount which is connected to the amount of square meter,
requested by you for your presentation. We have put this amount at 700 Euro/m2. (With 5.000 euro as a minimum for a space shared with an other architect) This covers all costs related to your presentation in Venice for the entire 4 months needed for the exhibition (Aug.-Nov. 2012),
such as  qualified personal for installation, maintenance and dismantling,  a sufficient quantity of museum quality light (ERCO), all insurances, permits, opening party, photographic services, 2 full pages in our two different catalogues, all publicity, and all Biennale office related affairs, but except material and transportation.
Please visit our website and click on “All about Palazzo Bembo” for more information about our exhibition venue, floor plan, photos, video etc.
We are now in the process to see who might be interested to continue communication, therefore we would appreciate to hearing from you, to explain further details.