The 5th International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting will be held at the Asilomar Conference Center, in Pacific Grove, California, on June 3-7, 2013. For information see

This unique triennial conference attracts BCI researchers from all
disciplines involved in BCI research. All attendees stay on-site. All
meals are included in the housing price and group meals encourage
interactions among attendees. Workshops, posters, and presentations
create a collaborative, interactive environment. Support for student
attendees will be offered.
The BCI Meeting will accept workshop proposals and 2-page abstracts.
– The deadline for workshop proposals has been extended to December 14,
– Abstracts are due January 4th, 2013


The morning (08:30 – 12:00) and afternoon (13:30 – 17:00) of 6th of June
will be devoted to 3.5 hour workshops that will run concurrently. Up to
15 workshops will be held in each time slot. Each workshop will engage
10-40 participants and focus on a specific topic. Workshops can combine
invited talks, targeted discussions, demonstrations, hands-on exercises
and/or sharply focused debates as the leaders see fit. Workshop
organization should include the participation of senior researchers to
ensure proper coverage of the topic.

To encourage dialog on the state of the art of BCI research, we ask
researchers to submit proposals for workshops at the meeting.
Researchers and/or practitioners wishing to organize workshops should
submit proposals in plain text or PDF format. Please use the workshop
submission form
( and submit
it to You will receive a confirmation email of

Proposals should include:

• Workshop title
• Leader(s) Name(s) and Email(s) and short Bio(s)
• Description of the workshop topic and goals
• Detailed workshop timetable

Supply a sufficiently detailed timetable including sufficient speakers
or activities to fill the 3.5 hours’ of workshop time. Workshops must be
interactive and should not consist only of talks.

Accepted workshops will be listed in the BCI Meeting website
( and in the program book.

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