The International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC) was founded collaboratively by ACADIA, eCAADe, CAADRIA, and SIGraDi providing a valuable international forum for the dissemination of contemporary digital design research. The editorial board is composed of scholars from all four of the founding organizations with each group taking the lead role for one quarterly issue per year. Please see the latest call for papers below.

Call Details

Authors are invited to submit complete and original research papers that have not been published elsewhere and are not currently under consideration for another journal for the issue scheduled for September 2017, under the title: CROWDTHINKING

The call “Crowdthinking” focuses on design and research projects that emerge from transdisciplinary thinking contexts by combining social interactions, collective research, and distributed intelligence and cognition, and taking advantage of the current computational infrastructure.

This call proposes an approach based on multiplicity and diversity, in which the results of the experiences can define theoretical frameworks, explore innovative implementations, or apply them in specific projects looking for conjectures about designs process, technological challenges and new roles of individuals in design and research tasks.

Crowdthinking promotes an integration of expertise and knowledge from different domains that enable the various professionals and researchers to envision and formulate common problem, collaboratively build shared models, simulate multiple aspects, evaluate massive amount of data and improve materializations. The power of Crowdthinking brings opportunities to address concerns about complex and large scale problems such as the integration of the physical and cultural context of cities, mass education, and the ecological, economic and experiential impacts of the build environment.

Projects with greater social and environmental responsibility can be achieved adopting into the teaching and practice this new way of design that anticipates an extensive exchange that will foster self-evaluation and reformulation of educational paradigms.

The submissions should be full-length papers (3000-5000 words, maximum length 6000 words) complete with illustrations reporting original research or practice. The main body of the paper is to be preceded by an abstract of less than 150 words, as well as a list of 4 to 8 keywords.
Papers must be submitted only to the IJAC online system at:

SIGraDi Guest Editors

Marcelo Bernal, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Pablo Herrera, Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas
Rodrigo Martin, Universidad de Buenos Aires