International Seminar and Workshop
Measuring Urbanity:
densities, networks and urban fabrics & City Induction: urban design with patterns and rules

Lisbon, Faculty of Architecture, TU-Lisbon, May 7th-12th, 2012

The Research Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design (CIAUD), of the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Lisbon (FAUTL) is organizing a seminar and a workshop on the theme: “Measuring Urbanity.” The seminar aims at re-centering the debate of measuring urban form on the contemporary issues of designing, planning and regulating the extensive city. It will bring together a group of international experts on the subject and the objective is to discuss the importance of combined qualitative-quantitative approaches on the generation of new insights on the contemporary urban environment and planning strategies.
The workshop presents a set of innovative approaches and methodologies using its own software. At the workshop participants will be invited to use the available toolset to address a specific urban issue where the construction of models for automatic measurement of urban indicators will be part of the urban design process.
The workshop is intended for all urban planning professionals who want to improve their skills and knowledge as well as for students or doctoral students in urban planning. The CIAUD will issue a participation certificate equivalent to 3 ECTS credits.
The workshop will run from 7 to 12 May 2012 and the seminar will be held on May 11, 2012 in FAUTL.
The seminar and workshop program can be found attached ora t the website:
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