Post Digital Art
Third Computer Art Congress (CAC.3)
Conference/Workshops/ Exhibitions/Performances November 26-28, 2012
5 rue Curial, 75019 Paris

CAC.3 invites artists, intellectuals, engineers and scientists to share their imaginations, creations, inventions and visions of the post digital art.
The world has never appropriated technology in the same way that digital. This technology has penetrated and dominated almost, different facets of our everyday life: cognitive, cultural, economic, psychological, social,…
CAC.3 could be considered as intellectual therapy that challenge actors of the society to rethink their innovation approaches and the way they perceive the world, to explore new dimensions of our space, to go forward, to trace their own path, to be followed CAC.3 count on the abilities of artists to explore digital and extra digital spaces in order to anticipate new technological issues that can influence our post digital world.

What to expect
•    Paper presentations
•    Panel discussions
•    Art Installations and exhibitions

These event aims to:
•    offer an artistic and intellectual performances designed in a Socio-Technological Innovation Perspective
•    Encourage collaborative approaches between technological innovation and artistic-sights
•    Discuss a new artistic and innovative experience for rethinking new possible perspectives

Where & When
November 26-28 2012, 104 (Centquatre), Paris, France.
See the Contact and Travel pages for details.
Deadline for submissions: June 4th, 2012

Check out the list of participants ( to see who else is coming.
CAC.3 is under the auspices of CiTu Paragraphe (University Paris 8), le cenquatre and, organized by Prof. Khaldoun Zreik with assistance of Robin Gareus.
Committee members and authors can be found under Delegates (

Call for papers, art, installations and workshops
•    Deadline for submissions: June 4th, 2012
•    Notification of acceptance: July 17th, 2012
•    Camera-ready papers: Sept 3rd, 2012

Call for papers
Papers can be submitted for review via the on-line paper submission system ( Papers must be written and presented in English, 12.000 to 30.000 characters (around 4 — 10 pages), with abstract (50—100 words, max. 500 words) and up to 5 keywords as PDF. The initial submission should be blinded (no author and institute names in the PDF) to allow blind-reviewing.
In general a presentation should take 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes discussion.
The copyright of the paper remains with the author, but we reserve the right to create printed proceedings from all submitted (and accepted) papers.
Below is a list of possible subjects for papers and presentations. This list is meant as a starting point, not to restrict you.
•    Algorithmic Art
•    ASCII art
•    Computer graphics
•    Computer music
•    Demoscene
•    Digital illustration
•    Digital painting
•    Education
•    Evolutionary art
•    Fractal art
•    Games
•    Generative art
•    Generative music
•    Interactive art
•    Media Art
•    Motion graphics
•    Music visualization
•    Software art
•    Tradigital art
•    Video game

NB. Papers should be as complete as possible on submission. Until submission closes it is possible to replace/update files in the submission system ( Submissions will be peer-reviewed and after the notification of acceptance there is a small time-window for updates and last-minute changes.

Call for Art, Installations, Performances and Workshops
Apart the main conference hall, an atelier is available for exhibitions and presentations. We invite artists of all professions to present art-pieces, performances and installations during the congress.
The atelier is an open 200 m2 space, suitable for large video-projections and interactive performances. As the space is limited the committee will select a limited number of performances. Artists are invited to submit their work as soon as possible. Your submission must include the following information:
•    Title of the work, Author(s) and contact information (email)
•    a short description of the work
•    if applicable, audio/video material excerpts (link to download) to assess the work

The proposal can be sent using the on-line submission system ( Make sure to check the NOT A PAPER topic in addition to any other topics that may apply.
Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us (