December 7/8/9 of December 2020
Hosted by İstanbul Technical University

“The World CAAD Ph.D. Workshop is organized by sibling CAAD organizations ACADIAASCAADCAADRIAeCAADe, and SIGraDi to provide a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing serving the global CAAD community. The aim of the World CAAD Ph.D. Workshop is to introduce junior researchers at the Ph.D. stage to the research culture of different schools within the global CAAD community. The workshop offers students an opportunity to receive constructive feedback from prominent researchers and academics of the CAAD  community and provides students with an occasion to position their research within the world CAAD research arena. The workshop extends existing platforms for junior researchers at the PhD stage already established at individual organizations, aiming to foster the global CAAD research community of the future and to promote exchange among diverse research cultures.