30 March – 1 April 2020 – AIGA Conference

Call for Proposals: AIGA Conference, Pittsburgh 2020, Bridging Digital and Physical Experience

For the Spring 2020 AIGA Conference in Pittsburgh (March 30April 1), the Design Educators Community Steering Committee invites educators, industry professionals, and graduate students to submit proposals to the Design Education Symposium that address the topic of Bridging Digital and Physical Experiences, which is one of the trends defined in AIGAs Design Futures.


Meredith Davis introduces the trend of Bridging Digital and Physical Experiences by stating:

“People transition across devices, environments, and activities in continuous communication and service activities. Users expect technology to provide seamless, unified experiences, even when moving among messages and services from different sources. New technological platforms amplify experiences in the physical world but also create gaps among devices and diversify the interactive behaviors required of users.” (to read the full document go to aiga.org/aiga-design-futures/bridging-digital-and-physical-experiences

Generally speaking, user experiences are no longer just in the physical world but in the digital world as well. People book flights, doctors appointments, car services, and hotels (or AirBnBs) online. We order household goods, groceries, and our morning coffee through apps and receive them in person. How do emerging technologies (such as augmented, mixed, and virtual reality systems) impact our experiences? Are there ways for digital processes to enhance physical experience? What happens when there is a disconnect between these online and offline environments? Do we think about design on the continuum between the completely physical and the completely virtual? How are we preparing our students for these scenarios? What classroom projects, research projects, and examples do you have to share? How does traditional design education integrate designing for experiences?

We are accepting proposals (500 words or less) for each of the following:

– Short Paper (10 minutes)

– Long Paper (20 minutes)

– Panel (with multiple presenters around a theme)

– Grad Student Research/Case Study Presentation (510 minutes)

– Graduate Research Posters/Visual Essays (upload abstract)

We welcome designers, educators, and graduate students from all areas to address these questions. Please keep in mind that the audience for the National Design Conference is a mixture of full and part time educators, and designers from the professional community. Presentations should be accessible, relevant and engaging for a broad audience.

Proposals are due December 1st, 2019.

Please click here to submit your proposal.


You will need an AIGA login to use the portal; if you don’t already have AIGA login credentials, you can create them for free and do not have to be an AIGA member in order to submit a proposal. A brief abstract (no more than 500 words) should be sufficient to communicate your topic. Questions may be sent to: info@designeducators.aiga.org